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August 11, 2017

#100- FeyPlays, Cissy Jones, Danielle Rayne, Scott Clark, Kacey Spivey, Alyssa White, Mark Cox, Josh Reding


Big thank you to everyone. Thank you to Fey and Scott for helping me host this episode. Big thanks to Josh Reding, Alyssa White, Mark Cox and Kacey Spivey for hanging out. Thank you to Cissy Jones for dropping in with the telltale Walking Dead cast. Thank you to Daielle Rayne for dropping by. Thank you to every one who left voicemails: Michael Ray Bower, Normii Late, Amand Sink, B.Rob, Arlill Rodriguez, Toni Rager, Connagh, Rocky Suits, David the Producer and Juliette Miranda

Find everyone, follow them all

Fey on twitter: @FeyPlays 

Scott on Twitter: @scottielindsay / @TheGOcast   / @buypopcorn 

Mark Cox: @Wingman709  /  @thisxboxlife

Danielle Rayne: @DanielleRayne

Cissy Jones: @cissyspeaks 

Josh Reding: @JoshuaReding

Alyssa White: @Lyssarie

Kacey Spivey: @hey_kace

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